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In the history of mankind as a species, an average of 40% of men successfully passed their genes to future generations, compared to an average of 80% for women. Today’s human population is descended from twice as many women as men. This is (widely acknowledged) proof that women function as sexual selectors, and that men evolved risk-taking and ambition behaviours to compete for mating rights. Studies:

A lecture on the implications, by an eminent, tenured professor of Psychology:

A documentary which touches on the subject:

More studies on how this psychological difference manifests culturally:
>Is there a gender difference in strength of sex drive?
>Sexual Economics: Sex as a Female Resource for Social Exchange in Heterosexual Interactions
>Cultural Suppression of Female Sexuality
http://www.femininebeauty info/suppression.pdf

Esther Vilar’s seminal work on the concept that women enjoy a parasitic relationship with men, composed decades before this research (albeit intuited by thinkers as early as Schopenhauer, and supposed by most scientists for generations):,Esther/ManipulatedMan.html The text itself. Synopsis. A preview.